Kenneth Apple

Apple Design Architechture

Kenneth Apple is the lead Architect for Apple Design Architecture.  He was educated at the University of Tennesse School of Architecture and graduated in 1983.  After school, he was hired by John Portman and Associates, a large architectural firm with over 300 architects on staffHis dedication and hard work moved him up quickly, and within a year of being hired Kenneth was put in a management position.  

Over the years Kenneth has been able to work on homes, banks, schools, courthouses, U.S. mail facilities, retail centers, air museums, high rise hotels, high rise office buildings, schools, and trophy hotels. 

Starting Apple Design Architecture became a reality while Kenneth was teaching design and drafting at DeKalb Technical College. After three years of teaching and running the business, Apple Design Architecture became a full-time engagement. 

Since then, he has completed many projects, big and small. According to him, there is no greater joy in this field than seeing people really live and inhabit the spaces he creates. His architectural philosophy allows for the client's style and desires to shape the project. He strives to make his client’s dream a reality.